Monday, July 5, 2010

The True Gentleman

Classic/Modern Groom in Navy Blue

I think that a tuxedo would go really well with this beautiful wedding gown. How convenient that Chris has recently purchased a Paul Smith tuxedo!
All Chris needs is to add his own touch to a beautiful, classic tux. For a December wedding that is in the late afternoon / evening, which is set in a beautiful chapel and then in an ornate gilded room, I would opt for a little bit of old-school glamour. Remember those black and white movies where all of the men seem to constantly be wearing some dashing tux or suit? Let's shoot for that but with an updated, modern take on this classic gentlemanliness.

I was inspired by the simple navy and white theme, and took a bit of liberty with this color scheme and added a bit of brighter blue in my design board. I love the ornate yet modern look of this blue chandelier, and got inspired by this piece. I kept the boutonnieres simple and elegant with solitary white orchids. The pocket watch makes you a real gentleman and the silver tone keeps it modern rather than vintage. Other images pictured here are classic patent tux shoes, a beautiful cummerbund and bow tie set, and unexpected yet cool batman cufflinks (to keep it not too formal!). It's fun to have a little element of surprise that really shows off your taste and personality like these simple cufflinks.
Also pictured is a gorgeous blue bra of the most exquisite lace. Brides are supposed to wear something blue, aren't they? Why not pick something a bit unexpected?

I hope you got some good ideas! - Makiko

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