Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eloping on a Bluff Option 3 by Providence Classic

I think anyone who's ever planned a wedding has considered eloping. It's so romantic and Romeo and Juliet-like! But who really has the guts (or the family that understands) to actually do it? I just love that these two are making this moment about them and no one else. And I will continue this post while pretending I am Alexis on Prince Edward Island.

Some of my choices are similar in style to Sam and Mu's, such as these John Varvatos boots. If you're hiking to a cliff, it comes down to practicality. You don't want to be sweaty and muddied before the I Do's! And the shoes fit perfectly with an outdoor wedding. I chose azure for the tie (with seagulls for a seaside reference) and a blue windowpane shirt as its complement. No need to distract from the gorgeous scenery with outrageous colors! They have all they need right before them.

I picked a simple vest and pants for Matthew's outfit. Who says you have to wear a full suit? It's just the two of them - they should do it exactly as they want. And since Alexis's dress is raw silk, his look can go casual or formal. A locally-grown flower in her hair that mirrors Matthew's boutonniere and voila! A match made in cliffside heaven. His cuff links: vintage-looking airplanes for a couple that is flying off on a new journey. Finally, a Marinemaster watch and their beautiful Golden Retriever round out the mix. Send us pictures, Alexis!

Have a great weekend! xoxo Abbey of Providence Classic

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