Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hitched in Hawaii Option 3 by Providence Classic

Hitched in Hawaii by Providence Classic

Some people just do things the right way. Like Amber and Sean - getting hitched in Hawaii and following it up with a 4-course meal at legendary restaurant Roy's in Waikiki. This is like the greatest date of your life - beautiful location, fabulous clothes, and ridiculous food - only you get to share it with 200 people who you love. Um, can I come?

Amber's dress is raw silk by Lena Medoyeff. The gorgeous church you saw in Monday's post is their ceremony site and part of their color inspiration: muted reds, pinks and ambers with rich wood tones and splashes of vibrant colors. I won't lie - originally I wanted a pair of pale pink linen trousers on Sean. Pink is the color of the sunset, hibiscus and a light sunburn - and it complements the blues of the ocean and sky perfectly. But the look wasn't formal enough for the setting - we need a suit (and a pink suit may be overdoing it). So I went bold and chose this light blue fitted summer suit from Brooks Brothers instead. Too fashion-forward for you? Swap it out with a beige linen suit and keep the rest.

The 9tailors check-print shirt in orange and blue is just right for the setting (in a sea and sunset colorway) and since I'm going big, nothing else will do but a bow tie. Classic cognac-colored leather shoes and belt are simple and ground the look. Throw in antique bakelite cufflinks with the Hawaiian royal crest from the late 1800s and you've got an ensemble fit for a king! Er, groom.

Okay - a Hawaiian shirt is cliche and "old man meets midlife crises and buys a convertible and a trip to the beach." But Hawaiian print board shorts are vintage-looking and totally appropriate! I think the print on this pair is adorable. In fact, I believe a pair is currently en route to Milwaukee. Lastly: the maile lei - or the "lei of royalty," reserved for only the most special occasions. Made from the native Hawaiian vine, maile, the shiny leaves and stems give off a fragrant scent. An elegant and beautiful nod to the island's history.

Aloha! (That's hi and goodbye in Hawaiian!) xoxo Abbey from Providence Classic

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