Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hawaiian wedding

Amber and Sean are getting hitched in Hawaii! The tropical breeze, palm trees, sunshine, shaved ice. Sounds like, well, paradise.

Here's what he's going to wear. It can be challenging dressing the groom in the tropical heat. So, I chose only lightweight foundation pieces, such as the gray blazer and linen pants. I love gray and neutral tones together. So, you'll see a lot of browns, creams and ivories in this design board. Instead of a long sleeved shirt, I opted for a short-sleeve shirt. Again, pick pieces that are lightweight and won't smother the groom. I've also been enjoying the geek chic moment that guy's are having so, a tropical patterned bow tie in Amber and Sean's wedding colors seems fitting.

Now, on to the fun accessories! I love sandals, but I don't think they really belong in formal wedding photos. Cover those feet, guys! So, instead, I chose shark-gray converse high tops. So, I've found a sophisticated pair of woven sandals and gave Sean the option to change out of sneaks. The belt is also woven (like the sandals). It gives the outfit great texture and dimension. I also love the orange boutonniere. The petite flowers are cute and not too overly feminine.

Sean also needs a canvas bag in a neutral and orange, in case he and Amber decide to escape for a quick getaway to another beautiful, tropical destination for the weekend.

Lastly, I love tropical beach towels. These would make great wedding favors!

Come back tomorrow to see what Abbey of Providence Classic has come up with for the eloping couple.

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