Friday, July 30, 2010

Gifts for him

It can be so difficult to find cool, fun gifts for the groom. Here are a few ideas for you to mull over. My favorite? The folding bicycle!

gifts for the groom

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hitched in Hawaii Option 3 by Providence Classic

Hitched in Hawaii by Providence Classic

Some people just do things the right way. Like Amber and Sean - getting hitched in Hawaii and following it up with a 4-course meal at legendary restaurant Roy's in Waikiki. This is like the greatest date of your life - beautiful location, fabulous clothes, and ridiculous food - only you get to share it with 200 people who you love. Um, can I come?

Amber's dress is raw silk by Lena Medoyeff. The gorgeous church you saw in Monday's post is their ceremony site and part of their color inspiration: muted reds, pinks and ambers with rich wood tones and splashes of vibrant colors. I won't lie - originally I wanted a pair of pale pink linen trousers on Sean. Pink is the color of the sunset, hibiscus and a light sunburn - and it complements the blues of the ocean and sky perfectly. But the look wasn't formal enough for the setting - we need a suit (and a pink suit may be overdoing it). So I went bold and chose this light blue fitted summer suit from Brooks Brothers instead. Too fashion-forward for you? Swap it out with a beige linen suit and keep the rest.

The 9tailors check-print shirt in orange and blue is just right for the setting (in a sea and sunset colorway) and since I'm going big, nothing else will do but a bow tie. Classic cognac-colored leather shoes and belt are simple and ground the look. Throw in antique bakelite cufflinks with the Hawaiian royal crest from the late 1800s and you've got an ensemble fit for a king! Er, groom.

Okay - a Hawaiian shirt is cliche and "old man meets midlife crises and buys a convertible and a trip to the beach." But Hawaiian print board shorts are vintage-looking and totally appropriate! I think the print on this pair is adorable. In fact, I believe a pair is currently en route to Milwaukee. Lastly: the maile lei - or the "lei of royalty," reserved for only the most special occasions. Made from the native Hawaiian vine, maile, the shiny leaves and stems give off a fragrant scent. An elegant and beautiful nod to the island's history.

Aloha! (That's hi and goodbye in Hawaiian!) xoxo Abbey from Providence Classic

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hawaiian wedding

Amber and Sean are getting hitched in Hawaii! The tropical breeze, palm trees, sunshine, shaved ice. Sounds like, well, paradise.

Here's what he's going to wear. It can be challenging dressing the groom in the tropical heat. So, I chose only lightweight foundation pieces, such as the gray blazer and linen pants. I love gray and neutral tones together. So, you'll see a lot of browns, creams and ivories in this design board. Instead of a long sleeved shirt, I opted for a short-sleeve shirt. Again, pick pieces that are lightweight and won't smother the groom. I've also been enjoying the geek chic moment that guy's are having so, a tropical patterned bow tie in Amber and Sean's wedding colors seems fitting.

Now, on to the fun accessories! I love sandals, but I don't think they really belong in formal wedding photos. Cover those feet, guys! So, instead, I chose shark-gray converse high tops. So, I've found a sophisticated pair of woven sandals and gave Sean the option to change out of sneaks. The belt is also woven (like the sandals). It gives the outfit great texture and dimension. I also love the orange boutonniere. The petite flowers are cute and not too overly feminine.

Sean also needs a canvas bag in a neutral and orange, in case he and Amber decide to escape for a quick getaway to another beautiful, tropical destination for the weekend.

Lastly, I love tropical beach towels. These would make great wedding favors!

Come back tomorrow to see what Abbey of Providence Classic has come up with for the eloping couple.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Groom in Hawaii

Hawaiian Wedding Groom
Hawaiian Wedding Groom by makikoharris featuring Bulova watches

Congratulations, Amber and Sean! Your wedding sounds awesome.
In this design board, I really focused on the neckwear. With the grey and light orange wedding palette, there is a lot of color you can play with. When Amber mentioned that Sean had a casual style and liked to wear Tommy Bahama, Polo, and Lucky, I immediately thought of how I could incorporate those aesthetics into neckwear. What I came up with was a bit preppy (see the bow ties and see the plaids) yet something a bit more edgy & hip than pink gingham.
For this summer wedding, I set off a beautiful grey suit with bone colored leather lace ups, tiger's eye cufflinks, and a simple white orchid boutonniere. I would have chosen a more colorful boutonniere, but thought that a crisp white bloom would have a more balancing effect with all of the color already in his outfit.
I have both a white shirt and a creamy orange colored shirt. Either could be worn, it's simply a matter of skin tone and how classic you want to look. I think the orange could give a nice pop of color while the white will look great with essentially anything. Your choice!
To top it all off, I chose a beautiful suede-y grey belt that will blend in seamlessly with the other accessories. I also added a sleek silver watch for that extra oomph factor.
Hope you got some great ideas! Congratlations! -Makiko

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneak Peak: Wedding in Hawaii

Let's meet our bride and groom this week: Amber and Sean. The beautiful couple will be married in Honolulu, Hawaii! How lucky are they!?!

Their May 2011 ceremony will take place here at the Atherton Memorial Chapel.

Find out what he will be wearing this week.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Cute Little Bow Ties from Xoelle

We are very pleased to feature Xoelle. They make the cutest bow ties we have ever seen. We can't wait to incorporate these preppy little numbers in our design boards.

Name: Xoelle


Location: Pensacola, FL

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I'm a 31 year old maker of bow ties. I make them out of unloved or abused neckties and button-down shirts- so each one is unique and retains a history.
I'm also an artist, photographer, Mom, adventurer, and cookie-baker.

What do you love about weddings?:
What don't I love about weddings? I love the intense joy and hopefulness that is bundled into that day and I love the fuss that everyone makes about everything. Weddings are magical. They are ephemeral but everlasting.

Tell us a little about your work. How would you describe your style?:
My bow ties are sentimental. They belonged to someone in another form before being a bow tie. Bow ties in general are classic and preppy, but when non-traditional colors and patterns are thrown in they can become so hip and personal. A bow tie tells that world that this is no ordinary man.

What advice do you have for grooms (and brides) when you are working with them?:
There's always a way. Be clear about what you want and then find a way to get it. Working with smaller vendors/handcrafters will allow you to customize every aspect of your day the way you imagine.

Where can a bride/groom purchase your products?: Etsy

Thanks Xoelle for dropping by! Here are some more amazing options.

How amazing are these beauties?

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Abbey is Moving

Hi guys!

Abbey's moving into a new house this weekend. So, she won't be able to post. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely photo from Xoelle.

How cute are these bow ties? Check Xoelle out here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuscan Style - Option 2

edgy tuscan wedding

When I read the descriptions of the brides who submit their weddings to this blog, it makes me want to plan my wedding all over again. Such is the case of our next wedding. Michelyn and Cameron will be getting married in Italy. They will be wed in a European style garden and dance the night away under the Tuscan stars. Love.

Anyway, what will her groom wear? Michelyn describes her fiance, Cameron as edgy who tends to wear brands like Affliction and True Religion. So, I chose pieces that reflect his style.

First, I chose a black tuxedo blazer with contrast satin trim from Top Man. The cut is shorter and skinnier than a normal tuxedo jacket. I chose slim fit pants also from Top Man. The chambray shirt has been every where this season for a good reason. It's light-weight and soft. It totally dresses down the tuxedo look. The blue bow-tie and red undershirt is a nod to Michelyn and Cameron's wedding colors. We all want that pop of unexpected color. The patent leather high-tops are one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile. I love the sleek, yet artsy look of the watch and the ring. Cameron will also need a very good travel bag from Marc Marmel for this amazing destination wedding. The leather is not too serious as it is slightly cracked and wrinkled. Finally, Michelyn can get the amazing animal themed shot glasses for Cameron. Quirky. Fun. Who can resist mini antlers? I definitely can't.

Come back tomorrow to see what Abbey of Providence Classic has come up with for the couple.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuscan Style

Wedding in Tuscany
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

A wedding in Tuscany, how romantic! For this groom, I again opted for a navy linen suit. They are getting married in about one month, so it is sure to be warm weather! Also, I felt that navy blends beautifully with the Tuscan backdrop. I added some vintage accents such as the watch and the cufflink. The boutonniere is a whimsical white feather concoction that will play off of the bride's dress. It might be very sunny, so don't be afraid to wear this on-trend straw fedora after the ceremony. Then, open a bottle of wine, sit back, and soak it all in. I hope you have a fabulous time!

I hope you got some good ideas! -Makiko

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sneak Peek...Romance with an Edge

Let's meet our bride and groom for this week! Michelyn and her fiance, Cameron, will have a beautiful outdoor venue in Tuscany, Italy! Michelyn will walk down the aisle in what she says will be a romantic European garden.

The wow factor doesn't stop at this scenic destination wedding, but wedding guests will be stunned by Michelyn's wedding gown. Cameron will be speechless once he sees his bride in what she describes as a champagne strapless fitted gown topped off with feathers!

What will he wear? Stay tuned to see what our stylists have created!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Onada Photography

Groom (and bride) Style Tip...Picture Perfect!

Bola Onada Abodunde Photography

Our vendor for this week is an extremely talented photographer by the name of Bola Onada Abodunde!

Let's take a look at Bola's contribution to the wedding world and what she has to say about weddings!

Where are you located?

Your contact information and website:

What do you love about weddings?
I think weddings are amazing. They are one of the most important days in the world for a couple. The excitement and the emotions are priceless. Being able to capture those moments make me feel honored.

Tell us a little about your work. How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as simple and fun!

What advice do you have for grooms (and brides) when you are working with them?
Relax and have fun! Nervousness shows in your photos and you definitely don't want that! ALso getting your photo taken is your one opportunity to go all out. Outside of your wedding pictures, engagement sessions are perfect to dress up glamorously or wear something fun or even bring some fun props. It will make your photo session a memorable experience and of course you'll get some beautiful pictures!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Photography has been a passion of mine for a huge portion of my life. My dad loved photography and documented pretty much my entire childhood--a gift I am so grateful for. I started shooting weddings after taking some photographs at a close friends wedding as they say, the rest is history. I absolutely love the fact that I can capture a moment of time, an expression, a reaction, a feeling and be able to come back to the photograph and feel that way again years later.

Aside from photography, I'm addicted to the following things: fashion magazines, mint tea, shoes and purses :) I think nothing beats ending a hectic day than snuggling up with a great book. One of the most important things in the world to me is family. I love reckless abandon and make an effort to live my life to the fullest!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eloping on a Bluff Option 3 by Providence Classic

I think anyone who's ever planned a wedding has considered eloping. It's so romantic and Romeo and Juliet-like! But who really has the guts (or the family that understands) to actually do it? I just love that these two are making this moment about them and no one else. And I will continue this post while pretending I am Alexis on Prince Edward Island.

Some of my choices are similar in style to Sam and Mu's, such as these John Varvatos boots. If you're hiking to a cliff, it comes down to practicality. You don't want to be sweaty and muddied before the I Do's! And the shoes fit perfectly with an outdoor wedding. I chose azure for the tie (with seagulls for a seaside reference) and a blue windowpane shirt as its complement. No need to distract from the gorgeous scenery with outrageous colors! They have all they need right before them.

I picked a simple vest and pants for Matthew's outfit. Who says you have to wear a full suit? It's just the two of them - they should do it exactly as they want. And since Alexis's dress is raw silk, his look can go casual or formal. A locally-grown flower in her hair that mirrors Matthew's boutonniere and voila! A match made in cliffside heaven. His cuff links: vintage-looking airplanes for a couple that is flying off on a new journey. Finally, a Marinemaster watch and their beautiful Golden Retriever round out the mix. Send us pictures, Alexis!

Have a great weekend! xoxo Abbey of Providence Classic

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eloping on a Bluff - Option 2


Align CenterWow. Who doesn't dream of eloping...on a cliff (Prince Edward Island. Did anyone see today's Live with Regis and Kelly?!?) to an ocean...with only you, your honey and dog!? Well, that's what Alexis and her fiance, Matthew, will be doing in a few short weeks! Their colors? Red from the clay landscape, green from the fields and of course, blue from the ocean! She'll wear an ivory trumpet dress with an sweetheart neckline in raw silk. Breathtaking. So, what will he wear?

I chose neutral tones with accents of red and blue. I'm so excited about the lightweight chino suit from JCrew. I think it's a perfect complement to his athletic, yet sophisticated style. As for the shirt, I found a light blue gingham shirt. It's a beautiful summer option. After the ceremony, I see Matthew slinging his jacket over his shoulders, cuffing his pants and rolling up his sleeves. Ah, perfection. The tie is equally fun. I rarely get to recommend knit ties! I chose a navy and light blue (same color as the shirt) striped tie. Remember girls, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns! It's so easy to do. All of Matthew's accessories are brown, rugged and have a slightly worn-in look. I love the boots from Frye; they are functional and fashionable. The deep red laces are totally in line with Alexis's wedding colors. I imagine their wedding taking place on a sunny day, so Matthew definitely needs a pair of retro sunglasses in tortoise shell from Persol. The red and navy watch is sporty, fun and not-too serious. Finally, I chose a boutonniere with a leafy and berry accent. Heart!

Come back tomorrow to see what Abbey of Providence Classic has come up with for the eloping couple.

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Eloping on the Bluff

Eloping on the Bluff

How romantic for this couple to elope for their wedding day. Against the stunning backdrop of the Prince Edward Islands, the bride and groom's outfits will beautifully complement the scenery. To really get a sense of the color palette, I included a collection of images from nature- the rust and pink colors of the cliffs and bluffs, the various blues of the ocean and sky, and the myriad greens of growth. Taking a cue from this color story, I opted for a navy linen suit by Paul Smith. I paired it with some awesome leather Alexander McQueen boots that are hand-carved. I felt that for this wedding, this beautiful boot was more fitting than a classic dress shoe. And, they are totally an investment- boots are a great option for men when you want to look polished so don't want to wear your sneaks but don't want to wear boring dress shoes, either. In the fall, pair these boots with some dark jeans or olive colored utility pants and a flannel shirt. Or, go a bit edgier and pair it with darker colors to really highlight the cognac color of the boot. These boots will give any outfit some serious character. A simple feather boutonniere (inspired by Pomp & Plumage), silver cufflinks, and a toffee colored crocodile-band watch with navy face round out the look. I also selected a beautifully textured dusty pink silk tie to subtly hint at the colors along the bluffs at sunset.

I hope you got some good ideas! -Makiko
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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sneak Peek...Just a Simple Wedding for Two!

Our next bride, Alexis Conrad, will be married to her fiance, Matthew Black, in just a short 22 days! How wonderfully exciting! Unlike our previous brides (and grooms), Alexis and Matthew are eloping! The pair will say their I Dos in the scenic Cavendish Cliffs in Prince Edward Island, Canada in front of their loyal red headed golden retriever.

To complement the beautiful setting, Alexis will don an elegant gown that she describes as a light ivory fitted flare gown made of raw silk, topped of with a hint of a sweetheart neckline (very enticing)!

I'm also in love with the fact that Alexis and Matthew's wedding colors are simply the rich red hue of the red clay, the blue satin ocean and of course, the lush green grass! --Nature's beauty!

I think Alexis and Matthew's romantic outdoor elopement will go perfectly with a boutonniere from Pomp & Plumage!

What will he wear? Stayed tuned to see what our 3 stylists have created!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Something Whimsical!

For the next few weeks, Boutonnieres & Bow Ties will feature different wedding vendors so our wonderful readers can learn about other great wedding services!

Our first vendor is an extremely crafty artist by the name of Denise Cole! Denise is the creator of Pomp & Plumage and she is the designer and maker of boutonnieres and other wedding accessories!

Let's take a look at Denise's contribution to the wedding world and what she has to say about weddings!

Where are you located?

Your contact information and website:
Denise Cole, Pomp & Plumage

What do you love about weddings?
Everything. Seriously.

Tell us a little about your work. How would you describe your style?
Pomp & Plumage boutonnieres are perfect for:
-earthy, outdoor weddings with lush grass, tall trees, paper lanterns and blue Ball jars
-old Hollywood glamour weddings in historical mansions
-garden parties
-literary weddings
-destination weddings (our pieces are heirloom quality and cannot wilt like flowers)

What advice do you have for grooms (and brides) when you are working with them?
I love hearing all the details, seeing photos, learning more about the bride and groom, and discussing lots of options so that I can design a custom piece that fits perfectly with a couple's design concept and personality. Don't be shy to ask lots of questions, send inspiration photos, and - if possible - leave lots of time prior to the big day so that we can create something perfect.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a designer and maker of boutonnieres and other wedding accoutrements for style-conscious brides and grooms who are seeking well-designed pieces made by hand with integrity. It's important to me that my pieces are not only uncommon and well-made but affordable.

My process is very organic. I sit down with my materials and piece things together in ways that highlight the innate qualities of the materials (i.e. letting tulle pouf, silk drape and feathers plume). I am uncompromising in my attention to detail and to the interplay of colour and texture. I love pieces on a grand scale and those that are surprisingly intricate and thoughtful for their small size. I don't like many things that are average, in-between or moderate. I love working on custom orders that reflect a client's personality.

I love design. And I'm obsessed with weddings.

Latest Inspiration:
the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in the asymmetry, impermanence and textures of nature).

Just look at how delicate the Laurel Wreath boutonniere (top right) is! I'd love to get my hands on one. Can you believe everything is handcrafted?!

Like what you see? Click here to contact Denise Cole!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The True Gentleman - Option 3 - by Providence Classic

The True Gentleman by Providence Classic

Historic Saint James Chapel in Chicago? Check. The world-famous Drake Hotel overlooking Lake Michigan? Check. Throw in the December holidays and this is a wedding with ultimate elegance.

Courtney and Chris's winter wedding is destined to be a refined affair. Case in point - her Monique Lhuillier dress: glamour all the way. Since Chris already purchased his Paul Smith tuxedo (yay! great choice!), he just needs a few 'ornaments' to make the whole ensemble sparkle.

First off - black patent leather and suede dress loafers from Dolce & Gabbana. I'll be honest: I am not a fan of traditional tuxedo shoes (probably because the nicest pair is virtually indistinguishable from the rental version). But these are perfect. A vintage-looking James Bond-esque watch adds a dash of stylish masculinity, while Georgetown cufflinks are a nod to where the couple first met. I guess you could call me a non-traditionalist when it comes to men's clothing, because I am also proposing no cummerbund. Who needs it? A crisp white tuxedo shirt and rich black belt are just right. A black silk moire or black velvet (it's cold outside!) bow tie top it all off. For a boutonniere - the classic white dendrobium orchid. Simple luxury.

Courtney's dress is the kind you dream about when you are little. I picture her with something in her hair - an antique crystal comb or pin (to blend with the Drake Hotel location) or a beautiful flower from her bouquet. The perfect wedding party gift? Vintage jewelry that each girl can wear the day of.

And last but not least, my dream wedding gift for the couple - gorgeous luggage they can keep forever.

Happy Thursday! xoxo Abbey from Providence Classic

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The True Gentleman - Option 2

chicago wedding

I'm so excited to be working with the next couple, Courtney and Christopher. Their December wedding in Chicago sounds so glamorous and festive with stained glass windows, marble entrances and gilded chandeliers. Outside the window of their ballroom guests can enjoy the twinkly lights of Lake Shore Drive. So pretty.

Courtney describes Christopher as athletic, stylish and slightly preppy. They've already purchased a Paul Smith tuxedo with peaked lapels which I think will be perfect for their big day. I chose sleek and stylish accessories and accent pieces for the groom. Let's start with my favorite piece, the bow tie. The J. Press bow tie is ah-mazing as it is black with little skull and cross bones embroidered on it. In my search, I also found black dress socks with a skull and cross bones from J. McGaughlin. The best way to give your guy's shirt a unique spin is to mix and match cuff links with similar designs or colors. Who doesn't love the duck and dog motif on the cuff link from Paul Smith - manly, yet adorable. While we have some whimsical accessories, Christopher can still keep his outfit classic by adding a pair of sleek, patent leather dress shoes. Finally, I chose a sleek miniature Calla Lilly with Ornithogalum Arabicum and Scented Geranium Leaf boutonniere that's perfectly tied-off with a black ribbon. To pamper your man, get him an old-fashion shaving kit from the Art of Shaving.

Also, I found a vintage menu from the Gold Coast Room that Courtney can draw inspiration from when she creates her wedding stationary. So cool!

Come back tomorrow to see what Abbey of Providence Classic has come up with for the lucky couple.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

The True Gentleman

Classic/Modern Groom in Navy Blue

I think that a tuxedo would go really well with this beautiful wedding gown. How convenient that Chris has recently purchased a Paul Smith tuxedo!
All Chris needs is to add his own touch to a beautiful, classic tux. For a December wedding that is in the late afternoon / evening, which is set in a beautiful chapel and then in an ornate gilded room, I would opt for a little bit of old-school glamour. Remember those black and white movies where all of the men seem to constantly be wearing some dashing tux or suit? Let's shoot for that but with an updated, modern take on this classic gentlemanliness.

I was inspired by the simple navy and white theme, and took a bit of liberty with this color scheme and added a bit of brighter blue in my design board. I love the ornate yet modern look of this blue chandelier, and got inspired by this piece. I kept the boutonnieres simple and elegant with solitary white orchids. The pocket watch makes you a real gentleman and the silver tone keeps it modern rather than vintage. Other images pictured here are classic patent tux shoes, a beautiful cummerbund and bow tie set, and unexpected yet cool batman cufflinks (to keep it not too formal!). It's fun to have a little element of surprise that really shows off your taste and personality like these simple cufflinks.
Also pictured is a gorgeous blue bra of the most exquisite lace. Brides are supposed to wear something blue, aren't they? Why not pick something a bit unexpected?

I hope you got some good ideas! - Makiko

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Sneak Peek...A Charming Chicago Wedding

Our next bride, Courtney, is an extremely excited bride because she and her fiance, Christopher, will say their "I-Dos" on December 11, 2010! Courtney and Christopher's wedding will be held in the breathtaking Saint James Chapel followed by a reception in the ravishing Gold Coast Room in The Drake Hotel that overlooks the drive.

The captivation doesn't stop at the venue! Courtney will wear a beautiful and glamorous Monique Lhuillier ball gown that she will personalize with a few touches of crystal accents!

What will he wear? Stay tuned to see our stylists' design boards!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Groom (and bride) Style Tip...A Not So Casual City Hall Wedding

While there are many weddings out there, destination weddings, themed weddings, and of course, traditional weddings, we must not forget about those sweet intimate City Hall weddings!

Why might people opt for a City Hall wedding? Well I can think of 3 great reasons:

1. To save money
2. To save time and the stress of planning a wedding
3. Because they are just madly in love and are eager to get married!

Whatever the reason a couple may choose to be married in City Hall, there is no reason as to why their wedding can't be chic and special!

How to make a City Hall wedding fabulous and memorable?

1. One of the downsides (or upsides) of a City Hall wedding is that the time frame is quite short. However, you shouldn't let time quickly pass you by in this ceremonious occasion, but capture it in a photo...or more! Hire a photographer for your nuptials at City Hall!

2. Brides and grooms: you can still look dashing on your wedding day regardless of the location! Remember Carrie's blue satin Manolo Blahniks? Those pumps were surely the icing on the cake to her outfit!

3. The same rules still apply when it comes to flowers! Brides, you can still have the beautiful bouquet you've always dreamt of holding on your wedding day and grooms, splash a taste of elegance on your suit with a delicate boutonniere!

*Please don't forget the requirements and regulations of a City Hall wedding (Identification, license, witness, etc)!