Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Polished Prep #3 by Providence Classic

The Polished Prep by Providence Classic
Hello, York Harbor! Anneke and Austin are planning a nautical-inspired wedding next summer at the historic York Harbor Reading Room. York is a gorgeous, quaint seaside town with beautiful homes and beaches (and one of the world's smallest suspension bridges).

Anneke stated right off the bat that she likes navy suits for the gentlemen. Since Sam and Makiko gave her two fab options with that in mind, I decided to go a different route. Bring on the Nantucket reds! I went all out preptastic, complete with the standard navy blazer, a 9tailors red check dress shirt with adorable anchor fabric insert on the collar and cuffs, and navy blue and white polka dot bow tie. Here, the muted reds coordinate and act as a neutral canvas for the blazer and bow tie to pop against. And since this is a wedding in a New England town with a long fishing history - a J. Crew lobster claw belt and antique-looking rope knot cufflinks are de rigeur (and the perfect groomsmen gifts).

Classic Gucci horsebit loafers - the preppy staple - make an appearance at the church for a formal look. But after the ceremony, why not slip off the jacket, take off the bow tie and throw on these hella chic boat shoes? You're dancing feet will thank you. A classic watch rounds out the look. Finally, this vintage print of the York Harbor Reading Room and cliff would make the cutest Save the Date - happy planning!

xoxo Abbey from Providence Classic

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Polished Prep Option 2

nautical wedding

Anneke and Austin will be wed in Maine next summer. And, as you can tell, I've got an anchor theme going.

Anneke describes Austin's style as preppy, but not "pop your collar" prep. I love that he has diverse tastes and feels equally comfortable in Uniqlo basics as he does in Nantucket Reds. So, what do I have in store for Austin? Let's start with the foundation pieces. I chose a solid, navy suit and matching slacks. Just a simple navy suit will do. Then, I think a light blue dress shirt would go very well with the navy suit. Totally classic and formal. Their wedding colors are navy and fuchsia, so it's important to let those colors pop throughout the outfit. I'm totally loving the J. Press tie and silk knot cufflinks. Next, I found the most amazing loafers from Ferragamo. The earthy color is a perfect complement to the navy suit.

Let's talk about the nautical themed goodies. I didn't want to go too overboard or cutesy with the nautical theme. So, I found an anchor tie tack from Giles & Brother that Austin and his groomsmen can wear. Let me tell you girls, tie accessories are back! Next, I found nautical themed socks in gray from J. McGaughlin. Very cute. Lastly, I found awesome thank you cards with navy and fuchsia anchors on them. Yes, it can be customized with your name on them.

Come back tomorrow to see what Abbey of Providence Classic has come up with for the couple.

Hope you enjoyed this design board - Sam

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Polished Prep

The Refined PrepFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Congratulations to Anneke and Austin! I love the idea of a preppy / nautical wedding that is at the same time very elegant and polished.
I picked a beautiful navy suit with the option of either a white or light pink shirt. I really like the snapshot of the light pink shirt, hot pink boutonniere, navy and pink striped tie, and navy suit. Or, for a more classic look, go with white.
I opted for classic New England mother of pearl cufflinks. I think Anneke's idea of thickly striped navy and raspberry ties sounds like a great idea, so I incorporated that as well. But, the best part of this outfit for me are the shoes- check out this navy suede and cognac leather brogues! Simply amazing.
I hope you got some good ideas, and my best wishes for a fabulous wedding!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sneak Peak: Nautical Wedding in Maine

I can't wait to share our next wedding with you. Our couple, Anneke and Austin, will be married at The York Harbor Reading Room in Maine. Anneke describes her wedding as preppy and nautical. Think grosgrain ribbon, galvanized buckets and peonies. Simply amazing....

Find out tomorrow what Austin will wear...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Must Have Mustache

I don't really like mustaches on men. In fact, I'm not big fan of facial hair at all! But, I do love the following mustache themed goodies.

How about a mustache ring with a heart shaped cutout?
Mustache Ring from Isette

Too small? How about a mustache on a handkerchief?
Handkerchief from Avrilloreti

Don't want to look like a bandit? How about a mustache on a stick?
Mustache on a Stick from MaroDesigns

If that's not about a beard?
Beard on a Stick from MaroDesign

Make it a mustache-y weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Colorful Affair (Option 3) by Providence Classic

Rayann and Benny are an off-the-beaten path couple. She's got a custom tea-length dress featuring multi-colored tulle and he's a lover of all things surf and comfort - and that most certainly does not include pants (a true Hawaiian!).

I'm sticking with my fellow bloggers and going with shorts. It's always fun to work with someone with very specific tastes. This Washington wedding-bound couple is having a colorful affair with a laid-back attitude and their ensembles reflect that. Rayann's dress is a mix of jewel-like colors - so I've made his simple for one very simple reason: to let her shine. Navy silk-linen shorts are comfortable and elegant (the dark color raises the formality level - this is a wedding, after all). I've paired them with a white blazer, white 9tailors button down and slim navy tie for a clean, modern look. If that's too monochromatic for you, add in a fun tie or swap out the traditional white shirt for a coordinating patterned button down (I slipped in an alternative for both). For shoes, there's a classic Hugo Boss pair that amp up the elegance or, to go a little different, a funky grey suede shoe from Topman that works with virtually any outfit. No socks allowed!

A little flair? How about a custom Pomp & Plumage boutonniere made of brightly-colored tulle flowers and leaves to match the skirt on Rayann's dress? Genius!

Congrats to the couple! Hope you had a great week. xoxo Abbey of Providence Classic

A Colorful Affair - Option 2

casual washington wedding

Our next couple, Rayann and Benny, will be wed in a mere 3 weeks!

Here's what I have in store for Benny.

Since Benny hates pants, I decided to go with shorts for this look. But, there's no reason to look sloppy. There are so many clean, sophisticated short designs out there! I've chosen a neutral pair from John Lewis. They're so cute! I love the button details at the waist. A casual blazer is also necessary - it's not too stuffy. I couldn't decide among the red, green or blue gingham, short-sleeve shirts. But, each are a perfect complement to Rayann and Benny's wedding colors. I gave the shoes some thought. I've seen quite a few men wearing dress shoes with their shorts. But, it's not a look that everyone can pull off. And, for a laid-back groom like Benny, dress shoes are not the way to go! So, I have some beige boat shoes (with green striped accents). For Benny, a Hawaiian native, pair of flip flops is a must have! The supple pair are from Olukai Ohana. Love them. They are functional, stylish and comfortable. Speaking of Hawaii, Benny also needs a pair of board shorts!

The accessories are key to keep the outfit fun and unfussy. I have a pair of aviator sunglasses, a straw fedora, and canvas belt.

Lastly, the boutonniere is made of a yellow dahlia. Love the petite petals.

Come back tomorrow to see what Abbey of Providence Classic has come up with for the couple.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite design board! Leave a comment! - Sam

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Colorful Affair

Colorful Groom in Shorts
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Congratulations to Rayann and Benny! Rayann noted that Benny hates pants- so I opted to put him in his favorite style, shorts. He should feel comfortable and good in what he's wearing. For this colorful (Rayann's dress has layers of candy-colored tulle) late-summer wedding, I opted for some linen suit separates with bright accents. I love the fun colors in the face of the watch, which reflects the colors of the gerber daisies that will decorate the ceremony. Solid brown leather shoes and belt anchor the look. The mosaic-style cufflinks and pom-pom yellow flower boutonniere are both so much fun!
The colorful-ness, cheerfulness, and playfulness of this wedding sounds like so much fun. I hope you got some good ideas, and enjoy yourselves!
- Makiko

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sneak Peak: Colorful in Washington

This week's wedding sounds amazing! The couple, Rayann and Benny, will be wed in Washington. She will wear a custom dress inspired by Oleg Cassini. The top layer of the dress is a white sheath material with a green, yellow, blue, purple, pink, orange, and red tulle! I love how unique Rayann's dress sounds!

See what he's going to wear this week.