Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Groom Style Tip #11: Bali Blue & Pink

I've been doing a lot of destination weddings over at 9tailors. Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Bali (super envious, especially with all the snow out there right now). But, it seems to make sense. Brides and grooms want unconventional wedding, thus need unconventional wedding attire.

The next wedding featured below is from a couple who had their wedding in Bali. I worked with the bride to personalize each shirt and add custom accents.

All the dress shirts were made in a pale pink shirting fabric with light blue button holes at the cuff. If you look closely, you can see a hint of color at the cuff.

The bride and I decided to monogram the wedding date inside the collar. We also monogrammed each shirt with either the groomsmen's initials or nickname.

All the groom wore a white suit. The rest of the male wedding attendants wore light khaki suits.

How much do you wish you had attended that wedding?!?! Gorgeous.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Groom Style Tip #10: Be a Little Parisian

All Wrapped Up

Items in this set:
Mens Designer Accessories at Barneys New York, $260; Mens Designer Accessories at Barneys New York, $245; Mens Designer Accessories at Barneys New York, $245; Mens Designer Accessories at Barneys New York, $195; Men's Scarves from Ted Baker, 40 GBP

My fiance just recently received a lightweight scarf as a Christmas gift. He's not into accessories because he's a simple guy. But, as in women's outfits, its amazing how much this little extra fabric around the neck, collar bone or shoulders can do! He looked so handsome...even slightly European (and...this is difficult to pull off as he is 100% Asian). If your groom is as simple as my guy, it IS possible to upgrade his look without killing your budget.

The scarves above are all stylish, slightly patterned, lightweight...and warm! If you're planning a destination honeymoon and unsure of the weather, these items are perfect to bring along (just roll them up and you're all set!). And, the best part? When your groom is not wearing them, you can "borrow" them for a bit.

Here are a few examples of stylish men wearing scarves. Look how they can transform a basic suit, tee or sweater into something that is elegant and sophisticated.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Groom Style #29: In Love with Gray

Dress Inspiration? A Beaded Reem Acra

My wedding is coming up (as I wrote about last week). So, I thought that I would try to put together a design board for my fiance.

The wedding will be held at a Boston hotel. I chose this dress from Reem Acra over two years ago! I know. I'm not a procrastinator. The wedding will be gray, pink and yellow. Think the Miss Dior Cherie commercials directed by Sophia Coppola. LOVE. For the most part, the wedding has been planned out. But, I haven't had time to purchase my groom's outfit yet!

See what he's going to wear below.

spring wedding in boston

You'd think that as the co-founder of a custom menswear company I would be able to dream up an amazing outfit. However, this project was not without its challenges. My fiance has very "interesting" taste, which is completely divergent from mine. He has about 10 pairs of velor jumpsuits (and one with the Gucci logo on it) that he wears out regularly. And, despite his usually laid-back demeanor, he's strangely particular when it comes to his clothing. So, for the picky groom, I think it's really important to keep the outfit clean and unfussy especially if you've decided not to rent a tux from a chain store.

The charcoal suit is modern, clean. The two-button is always my go-to choice; it's a more streamlined-look. And, best of all? It's slimming. The tie is made by Alexander Olch. Very luxurious - made from Peruvian Alpaca wool - very pricey, but totally worth it. For the more laid-back guy, leather loafers with no laces is probably the way to go. My groom was adamant about that.

The colorful accents come through in a few places. I'm in love with the cufflinks - gray with pink floral accents! Instead of doing a boutonniere, we are actually doing this pocket square. I love the pink hounds tooth as it really punches up the color of the suit. Finally, the shirt pulls the whole look together. He's chosen (all by himself) a textured white shirting fabric with a light-pink gingham accent. The pink accent will remain hidden inside the collar band and cuffs. When he lets loose though during the reception that pink gingham will peak out just a bit!

Let me know what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Wedding in Boston

I'm going to start with a project that is near and dear to my heart... my own wedding. I'm getting married in Boston in May. My colors are pale gray, pink and yellow. I'm really hoping that it will be romantic, soft and most importantly, fun.

My dress is a Reem Acra from fall 2007. I can't wait to have my first dress fitting, which is occurring next week! Yikes! Maybe I should start dieting soon.

You're probably wondering why I have two pairs of shoes. I realized last week when the seamstress called to schedule me for my first dress fitting that I had NOT purchased any shoes. So, in a hurry, I purchased two pairs from Amazon. When they arrive, I'll decide then and see which one I like the best. Thoughts anyone?

Anyway, I'll return on Monday with what he's going to wear.

We're back

After a long hiatus, I've decided to reopen the blog back up. I will do my best to keep writing and sharing as much as I can. As you can imagine, my day job at 9tailors has kept me quite busy and has prevented me from doing some of my own personal projects. So, here we go....I hope you're not too disappointed and will keep on reading!

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