Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Colorful Affair (Option 3) by Providence Classic

Rayann and Benny are an off-the-beaten path couple. She's got a custom tea-length dress featuring multi-colored tulle and he's a lover of all things surf and comfort - and that most certainly does not include pants (a true Hawaiian!).

I'm sticking with my fellow bloggers and going with shorts. It's always fun to work with someone with very specific tastes. This Washington wedding-bound couple is having a colorful affair with a laid-back attitude and their ensembles reflect that. Rayann's dress is a mix of jewel-like colors - so I've made his simple for one very simple reason: to let her shine. Navy silk-linen shorts are comfortable and elegant (the dark color raises the formality level - this is a wedding, after all). I've paired them with a white blazer, white 9tailors button down and slim navy tie for a clean, modern look. If that's too monochromatic for you, add in a fun tie or swap out the traditional white shirt for a coordinating patterned button down (I slipped in an alternative for both). For shoes, there's a classic Hugo Boss pair that amp up the elegance or, to go a little different, a funky grey suede shoe from Topman that works with virtually any outfit. No socks allowed!

A little flair? How about a custom Pomp & Plumage boutonniere made of brightly-colored tulle flowers and leaves to match the skirt on Rayann's dress? Genius!

Congrats to the couple! Hope you had a great week. xoxo Abbey of Providence Classic

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