Friday, July 23, 2010

Cute Little Bow Ties from Xoelle

We are very pleased to feature Xoelle. They make the cutest bow ties we have ever seen. We can't wait to incorporate these preppy little numbers in our design boards.

Name: Xoelle


Location: Pensacola, FL

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I'm a 31 year old maker of bow ties. I make them out of unloved or abused neckties and button-down shirts- so each one is unique and retains a history.
I'm also an artist, photographer, Mom, adventurer, and cookie-baker.

What do you love about weddings?:
What don't I love about weddings? I love the intense joy and hopefulness that is bundled into that day and I love the fuss that everyone makes about everything. Weddings are magical. They are ephemeral but everlasting.

Tell us a little about your work. How would you describe your style?:
My bow ties are sentimental. They belonged to someone in another form before being a bow tie. Bow ties in general are classic and preppy, but when non-traditional colors and patterns are thrown in they can become so hip and personal. A bow tie tells that world that this is no ordinary man.

What advice do you have for grooms (and brides) when you are working with them?:
There's always a way. Be clear about what you want and then find a way to get it. Working with smaller vendors/handcrafters will allow you to customize every aspect of your day the way you imagine.

Where can a bride/groom purchase your products?: Etsy

Thanks Xoelle for dropping by! Here are some more amazing options.

How amazing are these beauties?

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