Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Groom in Hawaii

Hawaiian Wedding Groom
Hawaiian Wedding Groom by makikoharris featuring Bulova watches

Congratulations, Amber and Sean! Your wedding sounds awesome.
In this design board, I really focused on the neckwear. With the grey and light orange wedding palette, there is a lot of color you can play with. When Amber mentioned that Sean had a casual style and liked to wear Tommy Bahama, Polo, and Lucky, I immediately thought of how I could incorporate those aesthetics into neckwear. What I came up with was a bit preppy (see the bow ties and see the plaids) yet something a bit more edgy & hip than pink gingham.
For this summer wedding, I set off a beautiful grey suit with bone colored leather lace ups, tiger's eye cufflinks, and a simple white orchid boutonniere. I would have chosen a more colorful boutonniere, but thought that a crisp white bloom would have a more balancing effect with all of the color already in his outfit.
I have both a white shirt and a creamy orange colored shirt. Either could be worn, it's simply a matter of skin tone and how classic you want to look. I think the orange could give a nice pop of color while the white will look great with essentially anything. Your choice!
To top it all off, I chose a beautiful suede-y grey belt that will blend in seamlessly with the other accessories. I also added a sleek silver watch for that extra oomph factor.
Hope you got some great ideas! Congratlations! -Makiko

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