Friday, July 2, 2010

Groom (and bride) Style Tip...A Not So Casual City Hall Wedding

While there are many weddings out there, destination weddings, themed weddings, and of course, traditional weddings, we must not forget about those sweet intimate City Hall weddings!

Why might people opt for a City Hall wedding? Well I can think of 3 great reasons:

1. To save money
2. To save time and the stress of planning a wedding
3. Because they are just madly in love and are eager to get married!

Whatever the reason a couple may choose to be married in City Hall, there is no reason as to why their wedding can't be chic and special!

How to make a City Hall wedding fabulous and memorable?

1. One of the downsides (or upsides) of a City Hall wedding is that the time frame is quite short. However, you shouldn't let time quickly pass you by in this ceremonious occasion, but capture it in a photo...or more! Hire a photographer for your nuptials at City Hall!

2. Brides and grooms: you can still look dashing on your wedding day regardless of the location! Remember Carrie's blue satin Manolo Blahniks? Those pumps were surely the icing on the cake to her outfit!

3. The same rules still apply when it comes to flowers! Brides, you can still have the beautiful bouquet you've always dreamt of holding on your wedding day and grooms, splash a taste of elegance on your suit with a delicate boutonniere!

*Please don't forget the requirements and regulations of a City Hall wedding (Identification, license, witness, etc)!

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