Thursday, June 17, 2010

Groom Style Tip: What's Worse Than Cold Feet? Uncomfortable Footwear!

Grooms, if you're having trouble picking out the perfect pair of shoes to top off your outfit, we've got the remedy!

3 Simple Cardinal Rules to Keep in Mind:

First, It's crucial to consider comfortability when you purchase your shoes. If the shoes fit right, then you will exude confidence and walking down the aisle will be easy as pie!
Second, it's extremely important that your footwear matches your tux or suit and that includes the socks you choose to wear--looking neat and refined is also key.
Third, don't wait until last minute to purchase your shoes because they need time to be "broken in." It's your wedding day and you should be able to dance with joy and absolute ease!

Your wedding shoes will be the first pair of shoes you will wear to embark on your next journey in life, so make sure they fit properly! Unless you have a barefoot-beach wedding, then you're ready to go!

What shoes will you wear on your wedding day? Leave a comment!

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