Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Elegant, Modern Groom

When does one have a better occasion to wear a tuxedo than at their own wedding? With Kimberly's aesthetic in mind, I suggest a look that evokes classic Hollywood glamour yet keeps the look modern. Pull out the classic tux, but make sure that it's in an updated, tailored fit- such as this Hugo Boss beauty pictured below. Add a skinny tie (not too skinny- 2.5 or 2 inches) to stay with the modern look. Keep the cufflinks sleek in a silver tone with just a touch of sparkle. Choose a silk pocket square in a subtle accent color- such as a shimmering grey or sky blue. To top it off, wear a boutonniere with simple, elegant white blooms. This look is both elegant and modern at the same time. It will be sure to make your groom shine. Congratulations!

Elegant Groom by makikoharris on Polyvore.

Hope you got some new ideas! -Makiko
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  1. Thank you all so much for your help and fabulous ideas!! You captured his style and added some creative touches... perfection. You are really great at what you do and I so appreciate it!! I'm excited to start shopping for his outfit :)

    Thanks again,