Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Garden Wedding Style

There is no rule stating that grooms must wear either tuxedos or dark colored suits. In fact, growing up in the wine country of northern California, I saw many country-style weddings where brides and grooms fully embraced the relaxed-chic aesthetic of an outdoor wedding.

So, here is my suggestion. Why wear something stuffy? To complement your bride's beautifully simple dress, wear something relaxed yet sharp. Add a little bit of color with a silk tie or pocket square that are the colors of blossoms. You'll be comfortable and feel at ease on your big day. Good luck!

Outdoor Wedding by makikoharris featuring J Crew pants

Showing: J.Crew Grey Linen 3-piece suit, Mezlan Marte grey suede shoes, J. Crew pink & burgundy solid silk ties, Remo Tulliani dark grey embossed belt, Banana Republic mother of pearl cufflinks, J Press linen pocket square with pink trim.

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