Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Groom Style Tip: Pleats versus Flat Front Suit Pants

Often times, a groom’s attire is overshadowed by the bride’s elaborate and elegant dress. Second to the wedding itself, it is the center of attention. However, the groom’s suit or tux is equally important and should be equally as fabulous as the bride’s dress. One of the biggest dilemmas for brides and grooms is to decide between pleated or flat suit pants. Here are some pros and cons:

Pleating for Forgiveness

Don’t be alarmed gentlemen, pleated suit pants are not as outdated as it may seem. While pleated suit pants are more traditional as opposed to their flat front counterpart, pleats are a great way to slim down a man with a fuller figure. Pleats allow for a more relaxed fit by providing more space for the seat and upper thigh.

Flattering Flat Fronts

We have reached the 21st century and flat fronts are the suit pants of the new age. Unlike pleats, flat fronts tend to be more snug and form fitting. These modern suit pants emphasize a man’s silhouette and give the man a more unified and organized look.

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