Monday, August 31, 2009

Groom Style Tip #9: Mad About Cultural Affairs

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my cousin's wedding in Malaysia. The ceremony and reception were beautiful. Malay, Indian, Chinese, Muslim, Hindu influences were nicely woven into all elements of the wedding. It was truly a multi-cultural event!

After my cousin's wedding, I concluded the following: First, it IS possible to infuse multi-cultural attire, foods, traditions, etc. into a wedding. Second, it IS possible to outfit your groom into non-Western suit attire. See image below.

Even if you aren't Malaysian, here are some some great style takeaways:
  1. Grooms can wear color. My cousin chose to wear pink and orange. The key is that you don't always have to default to the basic black suit/tux. There are so many beautiful options from gray to khaki to seersucker to baby blue.
  2. Accessories are key. Your accessories will personalize the outfit. My cousin-in-law decided to don traditional Malay accessories, such as headdress, jewelry and wooden dagger. I'm not suggesting that your groom carry weapons to the wedding. BUT, you can still use wedding appropriate accessories to play up your wedding colors, show off your heritage, and embrace your groom's personal style (my fiance wants to wear an ascot...hmmm). Colorful socks, unique neck wear, quirky boutonnieres, and sophisticated pocket squares, etc., are great places to start when personalizing your groom's outfit.
  3. Make sure your groom is comfortable. It is so important to take your groom's feelings, personal style and comfort into consideration. My cousin-in-law loves to wear a ring on each finger, so he wore lots of man-jewelry at the wedding. However, if your groom is not comfortable wearing pink or ruffles or flip flops, it's important not to force him into it.
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