Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9tailors Custom Clothing Event in Boston

After a week of traveling (Hong Kong - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Boston), I'm finally home with my fiance and kitty (yes, my cat has his own blog). Now, back to B&BT work!

Anyway, just wanted to share some news. 9tailors will be hosting its 3rd Custom Clothing Event in Boston on Saturday, August 29! Details here.

9tailors has been dressing wedding after wedding after wedding this season. One reason is that brides and grooms can design affordable, one-of-a-kind custom dress shirts for the guys! This event will be a fantastic opportunity for couples to see what 9tailors has to offer.

Here's what one groom had to say about his experience:

“9 Tailors made the shirts for the my groomsmen in my wedding. Not only were the shirts exactly what I asked for (cuffs, collar, color were just as I envisioned), the fit was amazing. All four of my guys raved that their shirts were the best fitted shirts they've ever had. Sam and her crew go through the whole process with you, from choosing the design, to the final fitting. We all loved the shirts as soon as we put them on. But since Sam was so diligent about following up and insisting on quality and the right fit, I know that if we had had an issue she would have fixed it to our liking. I know that I'll be going back to 9 Tailors! And I have a feeling I've won over a few groomsmen and many guests at my wedding as we got many compliments!”

Max, Somerville, MA

Max chose some unique accents that complemented his wedding colors and style for him and his groomsmen. Below are the shirting fabrics that Max chose.

Max chose a beautiful 100% white twill for the shirt.

Max also went with a white, green and blue twill - colors that complemented his wedding theme - to go inside the collar and cuff.

I'll be back tomorrow with more weddings!

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