Thursday, April 2, 2009

Groom Style #11: Mad Men

I've been watching episodes of Mad Men lately. However, I find myself wavering over my feelings towards Mr. Don Draper, the main character. In every episode, I have sudden urges to throw trash at the TV (when I hate him) or throw myself at the TV (when I love him). Regardless of his mysterious past, shady interactions with other women aside from his wife, Don Draper always looks dapper in his well-cut suits and slicked back hair. Anyway, I've got retro perpetually on my mind. So, it was very serendipitous when I received an e-mail from Sara, a beautiful bride from Chicago. She'll be wearing her grandmother's gown to her wedding. Love it.

Taking cues from Mad Men's classic tailoring and Sara's extraordinary gown, I decided on a three-piece, two-button pin stripe suit. Keep the suit slim to keep it modern. Sara also mentioned that she was particularly drawn to the bold, graphics of marimekko fabrics. So, a single, red poppy boutonniere would be a perfect, yet subtle nod to this designer. Also, the floral design on the cuff links also add a nice touch to the outfit. My favorite piece is probably the vintage Rolex. It's timeless, unfussy design make this a worthwhile investment.

Inspiration? Grandmother's Vintage Gown

Mad Men
Dress: Vintage; Suit: Roderick Charles; Vest: Dog Funk; Shirt: Jil Sander; Tie: Kaiser Enterprises; Shoes: Paul Stuart; Cuff Links: Loma Collection; Watch: Rolex

Mad Men on

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