Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Groom Style #9 and #10: Retro Action

Today's groom's style questions come from bride, Andrea. At first, she purchased a cocktail dress by Melissa Sweet for the wedding. Then, her groom felt so strongly that she wear a long gown that Andrea decided to buy a second dress from Maggie Sotero! Because both dresses are totally different, Andrea's having a hard time figuring out what her groom should wear!

Since it's fairly common for the bride to change twice during the wedding, there's absolutely no reason that a guy can't change either! In fact, I attended a wedding where the groom changed from his black tuxedo to a full-on traditional Chinese ensemble (silk slippers and all!).

I also took cues from her wedding ideas. Funky and retro. They love motorcycles, planes, Battlestar Galactica, etc. to create the following looks for her.

Inspiration? A lace sweetheart gown, Krisha Marie by Maggie Sotero

The first look is more formal and classic. But, instead of getting the tuxedo at just another rental-store, I decided to pair the look with a 1970s vintage tuxedo with a new cutaway dress shirt. To toughen up the otherwise very polite look, I added a skull & crossbones bow tie, a pair of silver bar-bell cuff links, and a pair of ultra sophisticated oxford shoes with a tan and silver buckle.
Crossbones wedding
Dress: Maggie Soterro; Tuxedo Jacket: Vintage; Tuxedo Pants: Lincole Square; Dress Shirt: Moss; Shoes: Dries Van Noten; Bow Tie: J. Press; Cumberband: Thomas Nash; Cuff links: Harry Winston

Crossbones wedding - on Polyvore.com

Inspiration? Cocktail dress by Melissa Sweet

Andrea's second dress..um, so pretty! I'm really hoping that she'll wear a feather in her hair like the model below. After a quick change, Andrea's groom can transform his look - part modern, part retro, part biker. I chose a black and white checked tuxedo jacket with a black trim. The pants and shirt are still the same, but I would drop the bow tie. Since Andrea's groom likes motorcycles, I thought that he would feel comfortable in a pair of biker boots, a studded belt, skull & crossbones cuff links.

Biker Wedding
Dress: Melissa Sweet; Tuxedo Jacket: DSquared; Cuff Links: Cufflinks.com; Boots: Bike Boots; Belt: Vans; Ring: Joolia

Biker Wedding - on Polyvore.com

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