Monday, April 20, 2009

What's What on Monday: Ooooh sweet lapel!

Today, I wanted to do a quick post on lapels. First, what is a lapel? A lapel is the material around the opening of the suit or jacket that folds back towards your shoulders.

There are actually different kinds of lapels out there: notched, peaked and shawl.

Notched Lapel is sewn to the collar at an angle, creating a step effect. This is the standard on single breasted suits, and is used on nearly all suit jackets, blazers and sports jacket. The size of the notch can vary, and a small notch is called fishmouth. (Source: Wikipedia)
B&BT Tip: This is a universally flattering lapel. This is best on suits, not on tuxedos. But, George Clooney is a fan.

Peaked Lapel is the most formal collar. It is a V-shaped lapel that points up and out just below the collar. This type of lapel is most commonly seen on double breasted-jackets and formal coats (tailcoat, morning coat and dinner jackets). (Source: Wikipedia)
B&BT Tip: This looks a little costumey for my taste. This does not look good on men with broad shoulders. James Bond is a fan.

Shawl Lapel is a continuous curve. Most commonly seen on the dinner jacket (tuxedo). This similarly began as informal evening wear, and was then made in both more and less formal versions, depending on the situation in which it was to be used. (Source: Wikipedia)
B&BT Tip: This is classic, but may seem a little too old-fashion for some. Daniel Craig is a fan.

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