Friday, May 28, 2010

The B&BT Stylists-Vol. 3

At Boutonnieres & Bow Ties we like to believe all good things come in fours, like a decadent box of four little truffles, which brings us to our final stylist...Abigail Barrett Bloom

Abigail Barrett Bloom, creator of the blog Providence Classic, has worked in the fashion, publishing and event planning fields in New York City and recently moved - by choice! - to Milwaukee (that's in Wisconsin). She loves all things fashion and interior design, and one day hopes to write novels that will be read by more than just her mother.

My personal style:

Classic with a dash of vintage prep and an eye for what's current in fashion - and always with what accentuates my figure in mind. I like to mix basics with a piece or two that reflect what's new in the fashion industry. My staples are pairs of dark jeans, trim-fitting blazers and coats, the white tank, high heels, a great party dress (or five!) and unique jewelry.

Why do I love weddings?

Joyous people and a chance to dress up! There is nothing like the magic of a wedding - your family and friends are there to share in your happiness and celebrate wonderful things for you and your beloved. Thinking of my own wedding will always make me smile. And so will a new pair of high heels!

What do you hope brides (and grooms) will get out of the blog?

9tailors is a super resource for one of the most ignored parts of a wedding - the groom's outfit. And he's one half of the biggest part of the day! This is a great opportunity to see a million different ways your man can look handsome andfashionable. Putting a customized edge on the groom's outfit reflects how special and unique the wedding day is - I mean hello, all the brides are doing it. Here's a chance to give the groom the same attention, but without all the work on your end. And yes, you're welcome. ;)

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