Thursday, May 27, 2010

The B&BT Stylists-Vol. 2

As we've promised, here are our other stylists!

Introducing...Makiko Harris

My personal style:

My "style" is something I am constantly exploring, but in general, I like mixing vintage and modern pieces to discover something completely unique. I think it ends up being a little bit classic and a bit whimsical- never too serious. And on the best days, always some glamour.

Why do I love weddings?

It's a fabulous excuse to wear a fabulous dress!

What do you hope brides (and grooms) will get out of the blog?

I hope readers get inspired and excited. I love it when something- whether is be a random found object or a photograph- gets my mind whirring and I start coming up with all sorts of new ideas. I hope our blog and design boards can do that for you

and... Muchieh Yun

My personal style:

My style tends to fluctuate with the season while remaining city chic! I love shoes and I think they are the best way to make a statement!

Why do I love weddings?

I love weddings because I believe that it is the ultimate celebration of a couple's love. Weddings are an extremely exciting time for both the bride and the groom--the bride is able to enliven her childhood fantasies while the groom is able to embark on a new journey in his life, a journey filled with love, trust and security.

What do you hope brides (and grooms) will get out of the blog?

I hope our readers will enjoy and be inspired by our suggestions and feel less overwhelmed with their wedding plans!

Come back tomorrow to meet our last but not least stylist!

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