Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Groom Style Tip #5: Mad About Bow Ties

Madras bow ties from J Press

I'm not talking about your straight, and might I add, boring silk bow ties. I'm talking about it's friendlier, more approachable cotton cousin. Maybe it's the return of Americana style that's made me fall in love with the bow tie again? All I know is that the punchy colors of the madras, floral and paisley patterns are perfect for an end-of-summer beach or farm chic wedding.

cotton bowties
All bow ties above from Beau Ties Ltd.

Just take a look at the J Press site. All of the madras bow ties are "out of stock." It's not hard to see why the preppy options don't stay on the shelves for very long.

There's another reason to rejoice...Apparently, the bow tie has been so popular that even the LA Times featured a "How To Make A Bow Tie" piece! Click here for the how-to. For those of you who are very crafty, you can make your own bow tie that matches your color and wedding themes. Pick your fabric from a place like, Gorgeous Fabrics, get your sewing machine and presto! A DIY gift for your groomsmen. Brilliant.

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