Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Groom Style #18: Cocktail hour is calling

Inspiration? 9tailors Cocktail Dress
cocktail calling
Dress: 9tailors; Suit: Dolce & Gabbana; Dress Shirt: 9tailors; Leather Bracelet: Balenciaga; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Cuff links: Paul Smith; Shoes: Prada

Yes. Indeed. Cocktail hour in the city is calling. This post is particularly dear to me because several items above are actually items from our sister company, 9tailors! The ruffle-back dress can do double duty at a chic cocktail event or even on a bridesmaid at a wedding. If electric blue isn't your thing, we have several other really cute colors as well!

For this look, I chose a suit in similar tone and style as the dress. This Dolce & Gabbana suit, which is a navy and charcoal, is a perfect complement to the blue dress. I wanted to keep the shirt within the same electric blue family as the dress. The leather bracelet and boots keep the look tough. Overall, the look is quite serious. But, if you didn't want the look to be overly serious, you can always add a quirky element to it, like the dog and duck cuff links from Paul Smith. And, of course, retro Ray Bans keep the city's setting sun from hurting your guy's eyes.

cocktail calling by sshih featuring Dolce & Gabbana suiting

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